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Our MOBILE pet dental cleaning experts bring happy furry smiles right to your door!

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We help you give your pet a long, healthy life

We bring non anesthetic, high-quality dental cleanings to your home or office. Our procedure does not require sedation. It does involve plenty of play, love, and care for your furry friend to feel comfortable with our techs before and during the cleaning.

Our preventative dental care will keep your pets away from the vet.

Poor dental care in pets can lead to chronic pain and life-threatening diseases.  Without the proper care, cats and dogs’ mouths can be affected by gum desease. Early stages of this infection will result in inflammation and irritation of the gums while more advanced stages can cause irreversible heart desease.

At Bite & Shine we understand how important it is for pet owners to provide their best friends with a long and high-quality life.

Health benefits for your pet

Improves quality of live

Proper dental hygiene improves your pet’s daily activities by allowing them to live pain-free

Prevents & fights bacteria

Regular cleanings prevent your dog or cat from accumulating bacterial plaque and tartar

Increases longevity

Poor oral hygiene may cause serious deseases that will shorten the live of your pet

Before & after

We send clients Before and After photos following each procedure.

What our clients say

"I absolutely loved my experience with Bite & Shine. The technician was super friendly and my dog immediately started playing with her. He was playful even after the cleaning.”

Ailyn Montes

“My two dogs needed a dental cleaning for a while but are too old for putting under anesthesia. Thankfully, this team offers the non sedation option. Teeth now look clean and healthy. Thanks!”

Irma Alvarez

"My dog behaved really well with Milay. She has a very gentle and welcoming approach with animals. My dog's teeth look great after the cleaning and without having to put him under anesthesia. I will definitely clean his teeth regularly with this team moving forward. It makes a great difference."

Natalie Sanchez

"Milay did a great job! My dog does not like other dogs and is afraid of people and she was able to calm my dog. I'm very impressed with the service and care. I loved that the tech came to my home and was finished within an hour and no sedatives or anesthesia was used. Definitely recommended."

Sonia Seuc


Our Prices

Our prices are based on pet size


Dog weights 1-40 lbs


Dog weights 40-80 lbs & Cats


Dog weights 80+ lbs

MAY PROMO: All pets pay $150!

About Us

Who we are

Bite & Shine is a newly founded mobile pet care that specializes in dogs and cats dental health. We are currently serving South Florida, but would be happy to make exceptions for pets who need care outside of our service area.

Our team is comprised of people who love animals and care about their wellbeing. We are pet owners ourselves and understand what an integral part of the family they are. Dental cleanings can be a difficult endeavor for both the pet and the owner. Which is why our top priorities are to deliver a stress-free experience to the pet and a convenient, affordable service to the owner.

How we do it

We provide pets with a professional dental cleaning without the health risks and financial costs associated with sedation. Our techs are highly trained in canine body language to ensure that your pet feels comfortable before, throughout, and after the procedure. At Bite & Shine we understand that every pet is different, so we plan for enough time to ensure they familiarize, relax, and take breaks when needed.

Our technicians use a swaddling technique to control movement while gently and safely conducting the cleaning. We use a hand scaler technique which is the traditional method of removing plaque and tartar inside the pocket areas between the teeth and the gum.


Why choose us?


Offer long life and better quality oral health for all pets!


Improved quality of life by promoting pet health, comfort, and good breath.


Kindness, Compassion, Animal-focused, Professionalism, Happiness.


Our main goal is to treat your pet with kindness and compassion to ensure their comfort and tranquil state of mind. We offer animal-focused care by using products, instruments, and materials exclusive to animals. We pride ourselves with having experienced, skilled, and certified technicians who deliver professionalism during each pet interaction. Our team uses all the tools at our disposal to not only care for the furry members of your family, but also to make them happier!

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Frequent Questions & Answers

Questions about the procedure or pet dental health?

Like for us humans, dental care for dogs and cats is an important piece of their overall health. Regular teeth cleanings can ensure your pet doesn’t accumulate bacteria which eventually can become a life-threatening infection. 

While many pet owners understand the importance of dental cleaning, they worry about putting their cats or dogs under anesthesia. This is why we offer a sedative-free procedure that will give your pet the care they need without the inherent risks associated with anesthesia.

  1. Discolored teeth
  2. Bad breath
  3. Redness, inflammation, or bleeding gums
  4. Loose or missing teeth
  5. Excessive drooling
  6. Weight loss or reduced appetite
  7. Problems keeping food in mouth
  8. Using one side of the mouth when eating
  9. Blood on saliva, toys, or bowl of water
  10. Irritability

Dental cleanings at a vet’s office often require the use of general anesthesia and/or other medications to sedate the cat or dog. Such medications can pose high risks especially for pets that are old or have a health condition.

Our non anesthetic procedure does not use any type of medication. Our highly trained techs use a swaddling technique to control movement while gently and safely conducting the cleaning.

We use a hand scaler technique which is the traditional method of removing plaque. We polish every single tooth to remove stains and possible damage to the enamel. By using the dental scaling technique we reach plaque and tartar inside the pocket areas between the teeth and the gum. After each cleaning, all instruments used are discarded and/or disinfected.

80% of dogs and cats develop periodontal deseases by age of 3. Plaque formation on the teeth is a continuous process. If plaque is not removed by properly brushing the teeth, it starts mineralizing into tartar within 10-14 hours. 

The golden rule is for pets to have a routine dental check up every 6 months.

The procedure is not particularly painful. It can be uncomfortable, however, and cause sensitivity and tenderness to the gum. 

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